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A macaron is a sweet confectionery made from icing sugar, egg whites, almond powder, granulated sugar and food coloring. It is usually filled with jam filling or butter cream sandwich in between the two cookies. Itís name came from the Italian word ď maccheroneĒ or ď macaroneĒ , the word itself derived from ammaccare which means beat or crush.

Although until now the actual creation remains a puzzle. The history was trace back in the 1700ís, even a possibility of early 1500ís, looking back when an Italian Pastry chef brought the recipe across the country border. Thatís the time when Henry II of France got married however others claim that a certain convent near cormery in the central part of France is the first 1 to introduce this delightful dessert.

Mouthwatering macarons

Macarons is characterized by a domed shaped top, smooth, flat base and ruffled edges. The basic macaron recipe is being made in the same process and the same ingredients; it only differs in the flavors, filling, ganache and jams added on it. It is easy to melt in the mouth and the texture is a little moist. You can also have it in different flavors like chocolate, raspberry, coffee and etc.

A simple macaron recipe is composed of egg white, sugar, salt and vanilla. It has evolved in time. And many countries have itsí own version of macarons too. Like in the US, they have it as a dessert in
replacement of the cupcake. And itís also good on an afternoon tea. It also made a unique treats for every1 because you can create any flavors of it according to what you like.

How to make macarons

Macarons is also nutritious since it is made from egg whites, coconut or almonds and sugar, it contains both sugar and fat. An average sized macarons gives you almost 97 calories, and thatís for the size of 5cm diameter per piece. 1 part of macaron has 3.1 teaspoon of fats, including 2.8g of saturated fat which helps balance the consumption of saturated fat necessary for a bodyís health maintenance and for sugar; itís a good source of energy. 1 average size macarons contains 18g of sugar equivalent to 4 teaspoon of sugar. According to the studies macarons also contain
calcium 2mg, potassium 38mg, iron 0.18mg. But that varies on the kind of macarons. Like a chocolate macaron, it contains 85 calories obtain from sugar, fat, carbohydrates and protein. It also has 18g of carbohydrates, 2g of protein, 4g of fat and 75 mg of sodium.

Macarons has already become part of the celebrations like birthdays and special occasion. Kids and even adults love this mouth watering and delectable treat. Not to mention, it has become a popular replacement for cereal breakfast. More Great Recipes @ www.macarons.org.uk

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