Piping Macarons


Piping Macarons

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Piping Macarons

How do you make regular macaron shells?

In making nice and same size macarons, all you need to do is take a pen or pencil and a glass or cookie-cutter, and draw staggered rows of circles, 3.5 cm ( 1 in) wide, on baking paper. These can be used as a template for the macarons. Cover this template with another sheet of baking paper, join them together with a paperclip if needed.

Piping in Practise

Piping in Practise

To help you guide your movements, hold the bag with one hand and the nozzle with the other. Gently pull on the nozzle to remove the "stopper" that was made using the bag, then pipe small flat rounds inside each drawn circle, applying light pressure with the palm of your hand.

Compress the batter by tightening the bag with a quarter-turn each time.

Attaching the paper to the tray

How do you attach the paper to the tray?

Place small dots of batter on the tray to prevent the paper lifting up when cooking. Put the paper onto the tray. Lightly tap the bottom of the tray once the macarons have been piped onto the paper, to smooth out the surface of the macarons.

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